Full-Cycle Software Development

We are your one-stop provider of software development and consulting services. We create cross-functional, tailor-made digital systems that bring value to you and your customers. SelcukCode is a custom software development company helping businesses reach their clients.

We focus on creating and delivering customer-centric solutions across the Web and the trading systems. Furthermore, developing software for semi-auto or full-auto trade systems and tools for Crypto and Forex markets.

Our Services

Software Development & Consultancy

We use a wide range of technology and use mostly Microsoft Tech Stack and Azure. For the backend side and API design, we use the latest stable version of C#. On the frontend side, Blazor is our first choice.

Crypto/Forex Algorithms & Tools

We use MetaTrader 5 and TradingView Pinescript V5 for developing trading tools and bots. On top of that, we use C# to do autonomous trading bots that need high performance on API, WebSocket, MultiThreading and Heavy Traffic Async method usages.

About Us

SelcukCode is not only a consultant company but also is a hands-on developing partner. It develops systems from scratch or attends to ongoing projects with 15+ years of development experience.

We own the client's business as if we were our own and strive to maximize it. We know success comes only in a win-win game. So if our customers win, it will make us happy more than enough and motivated. In other words, our main focus is to ensure that our customers win with all our strength.

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